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Hockey Equipment: Skates, Sticks & Protective Gear

Benefits Of Composite Hockey Sticks

January 21 2013 , Written by Mike Beech

A lot of individuals wonder about the advantages of a composite hockey stick over a wooden one. At the professional level, such as the NHL, everybody plays with a composite stick; thus, you can regard wood sticks as merely another relic of history. Yet, with regards to recreational hockey, under some conditions, wooden sticks have a definite role to play. Ultimately, the concerns that will decide your selection of stick are going to be your finances and the stick that matches your own personal style.

Composite sticks have their own benefits. The hockey sticks are light in weight, the performance is a lot more consistent no matter which stick you choose and the sticks are specially engineered to ensure that the lower kick point allows you to shoot rapidly and powerfully. The shaft kick point of a hockey stick is the place where the stick bends as it makes contact with the puck. With wooden sticks, the kick point is at the point where you put your lower hand, and this takes more time for the stick to load and release. In composite sticks, you will find the kick point at the bottom of the shaft, closer to the blade, meaning it takes less time to load and release, helping you to shoot faster.

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Hollow-core composite hockey sticks are more high-priced than hockey sticks with wood cores due to the real difference in the production process and the materials used. More affordable composite hockey sticks are inclined to use more fiberglass whereas more high-priced ones will have a tendency to use carbon. For a comparable quantity of strength, carbon is lighter in weight than fiberglass. In the more high-priced hockey sticks, Kevlar is also used to provide shock absorption. Inevitably, the different materials supply a different feel to diverse ice hockey players and the ultimate selection of stick will depend on your individual choices.

The wooden stick is frequently a good option for ice hockey players who're just beginning the game. It's a lot less costly than a composite stick and this can be an element when you need to spend a fair amount of money on all the other equipment to begin. Apart from the low cost, wooden hockey sticks often provide a better feel for the puck for the novice and, after you have been playing for a little while, you'll be in a better position to make an informed choice. If price isn't the determining element in deciding between wooden and composite hockey sticks, you may find that the additional expense of a composite stick is definitely worth the money.

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